One of the first questions I have been asked since opening my office has been, “How did you come up with the name Uproot Dental?”

Naming my office was a huge source of stress during the initial stages of development. I had found the perfect building for the office that fit my needs, but when it came to the build-out and decorating schematics everything came to a halt. The contractor needed to tell his sub-contractors what type of paint to buy and the type and color of the floors and pretty much everything else. Without a name, there was no logo. My vision was blurry because I had no name for my new office.

Naturally, I wanted something unique and different. I sought out a name that was elegant and had not been taken. The name Serenity Dental popped up in my head but a quick Google search showed that well over 100 dentists throughout the U.S. had chosen that name.

Then, with much though I came up with the name Gallantry Dental! I was excited. The name means courageous behavior or polite attention, words that encompassed everything that I wanted to convey about my office and how I was feeling moving forward with the project. I called my best friend, and to my surprise, she did not like it. She had no idea what it meant — even had the audacity to laugh at it. She is always harder on me than anyone else so I asked others their opinion. Another friend told me flat out, “No.” Many people could not say the word with stumbling over it while others just half smiled when I mentioned it. I envisioned a blue and orange color scheme with a night of some sort on the logo. I understand everyone has an opinion and to take it with a grain of salt. However, if everyone has the exact same opinion then maybe I should reconsider the name.

About two years prior when I was working full time at another practice I had the idea to open up a part-time extraction only clinic. I asked the girls I worked with what they would call an office that only took out teeth. My lab tech/friend said, “Uproot. Uproot Dental.”

I loved the name right away. At that time I was making different inquiries about opening up the part-time clinic and was really ready to run with the idea. Fast forward to present time and now I needed a name for a full-time general dental practice. Would the name Uproot still fit? I told everyone about the name Uproot and everyone loved it. A small part of me was upset that no one liked the name I had originally picked. I decided to run with it and the color green popped in my head very early.

The name actually represented the idea of what I was doing. I was uprooting my life and planting something new. With that came the uprooting of old beliefs and patterns (from employee to business owner) and uprooting myself to step into this new role that demanded so much more from me.

I’ve only had a handful of people think that my office name is disagreeable. But I love it and that’s all that really matters. So I have Cassandra Chandler to thank for my office name and she gets all the credit for the Uproot Dental name.